This Code for the members of the Board of Directors and for the Senior Managerial Personnel of the Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Limited (the Company) helps the Company to maintain the Standard of the Business Ethics and ensure compliance with the legal requirements, specifically under Clause 49 of the Standard Listing Agreements of the Company with Stock Exchanges. The Code is aimed to prevent any wrongdoing and to promote ethical conduct at the Board and Senior Management level.

Insider Trading Policy


The code is applicable to the following persons (the Officers):

(a) Members of the Board of Directors of the Company &

(b) Senior Managerial Personnel i.e. all members of management one level below the Managing Director including all functional heads.

All the concerned are expected to read and understand this Code and to uphold standards set out under this, in his/her day-to-day activities.
As the principles set out under this are general in character, Officers should also review the Company’s other applicable Policies and Procedures for more specific instructions. In case of any difficulty in interpretation or allied matters they may contact the Company Secretary.

This Code is in addition to and not in derogation with any Act, law, rules and regulations, and all other applicable Policies and Procedures adopted by the Company that governs the conduct of its officers.

It is obligatory on the part of every Officer to make an annual disclosure under this Code affirming their adherence to the Code on annual basis. This disclosure shall be made to the Company Secretary on or before 30th April, for the financial year preceding the date.

In addition to above said disclosure, every Officer is to make an acknowledgement as per Annexure – A to the Code, on receipt of this Code, indicating that they have received, read and understood, and agree to comply with the Code.

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