Chairman’s Message

Dear Stakeholders,

I am very pleased to present you with the 21st Annual Report of Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Limited at an interesting juncture in its journey. Your company is well on its way to complete twenty one years of splendid existence, and it is with a deep sense of pride I inform you that the company is now part of B Braun Group- global leader in I.V Fluid & having presence more than 50 countries  is report endeavours to provide you a review of our activities in 2012-13 as well as take you through our strategy, targets, expectations which we have set for ourselves for attainment of vigorous growth in the years ahead.

Success in Implementing Strategies

Our main objective is to become one of India’s leading infusion company and attain revenue growth both in India and abroad. As a company we are committed to reviewing our business strategy on an ongoing basis with the aim of increasing stakeholder’s value. We achieved a very signi cant measure of success in implementing our business strategies in 2012-13, reaching most of our goals and posting a satisfactory set of  nancial and operational results considering the sluggishness of the pharmaceutical sector in general for the year under review.


While your company reported a positive sales growth, pro tability growth was equally strong in spite of excess volatility in input prices and mounting governmental pressure to reduce drug prices. Our sales turnover of Rs.10776 lacs as compared to the previous year sales turnover of Rs. 7970.2 lacs and thereby achieved a growth of 35% .  e Net Pro t has recorded a growth of 157.42% by scaling up from the previous year  gure of Rs. 499.9 lacs to Rs. 1286.9 lacs. Our export sales were 2616.98 lacs as compared to the previous year’s  gure of Rs.1519 lacs , achieving a growth of 72% approx, which highlights the recognition of our quality products in the overseas markets and also the successful implementation of our well thought out direct export strategies in addition to the third party exports.


Looking ahead

We at Ahlcon are focused on increasing our sales in contract manufacturing, exports, tender and institutional business in domestic market. To achieve this goal, we are not only changing but we are changing ahead of time. At Ahlcon, our investment in research and development has been continued to meet the challenge of unmet medical needs. A modern expansion project is under pipeline, to enhance production capacity& manufacture value added products. Leveraging India’s globally competitive cost e ective manufacturing base and exceptional scienti c talent your company is committed to expanding its capacities by increasing its operations in the domestic and international market.


Human resource are at the heart of our operations and are key to achieving targets we have set. By rewarding good performance and providing exciting opportunities for growth of technical, entrepreneurial, and management skills we are con dent of building a solid foundation for the growth of your company.


While optimising pro tability may be one measurement of our success, we recognise that responsible growth is also important. We are committed to providing quality, cost e ective pharmaceutical solutions with signi cant emphasis on protecting environment, occupational safety and health and improving the life of other communities. We understand that it is only by concentrating on these activities simultaneously we can build an ever  ourishing and lasting organisation.


At Ahlcon, a large part of its commitment to caring for life comprises its commitment to think and make a di erence beyond the world of business into the world of the under privileged and needy. It is in keeping with this core ideology of making a di erence to communities and being at the forefront of corporate social responsibility that the AHLCON has always o ered  nancial aid. Ahlcon recognizes the important responsibility towards society and has constantly endeavored and embarked on spreading awareness about social responsibility.


I take this first opportunity to thank my employees for their tireless e orts in ensuring that Ahlcon delivers on its promises. I would also like to thank our customers, shareholders, suppliers and  nancial institutions for reposing faith in us. As we reach out for the next phase of growth, I look forward to your continued support.

With Best Wishes,
Yours Sincerely

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